Motorway Driving

I now offer FREE 3 hours MOTORWAY tuition for new drivers under 25 whether you are or were my pupil, or not, through the Derbyshire Safer Roads Scheme called Learn Safe Drive Safe. Contact me to find out more.

When you have passed your test and want to get out and about, you will soon find that you need to drive on Britain’s network of motorways to travel any real distance.

Many new drivers, and more experienced drivers are daunted at the prospect of motorway driving for the first time. Motorways are one of the safest categories of road in the UK, however, whilst accidents are fewer in number, compared to non–motorway roads, they usually involve more vehicles and speeds are higher.

Many first time motorway drivers are frightened by the variety of vehicle types encountered on motorways, and unprepared drivers find hard to cope. Add this to poor weather conditions and the risk of incident becomes much greater.

I can help you gain the extra skills and the confidence you need to become a safe motorway driver.